The African Diaspora Alliance
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Our mission is to holistically connect descendants of Africa to the global African community, known as the African Diaspora. The African Diaspora Alliance serves as a facilitator through a variety of diverse programs.

Through our organization we seek to educate, encourage unity, and promote solidarity throughout the African Diaspora. Across all borders, through the services offered by ADA the diaspora is demystified and the mutual "exoticization" of the foreign ‘other’ is replaced with understanding and connectedness. 












Meet Our Team




Moriah completed her undergraduate career at the University of Maryland College Park where she studied Government and Politics with a minor in International Development and Conflict Management. She is currently a student at new york university where she is a candidate for a masters in latin american and caribbean studies.Moriah has had various travel opportunities throughout the globe studying and researching peoples of the African Diaspora. She has traveled to numerous countries but most recently Cuba and Costa Rica.



Jasmine holds a B.A with honors in African and Black Diaspora Studies and Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies with a concentration in International Studies from DePaul University, Chicago, IL. After graduating in 2015, Jasmine lived in Havana for three months where  the seeds for  African Diaspora Alliance were first planted.  She has had extensive travel and research opportunities to study the African Diaspora from her travels to over 13 countries throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and Europe.  

Havana Operations Manager


Yaritza is a proud Afro-Cuban physician from Havana, Cuba where she currently practices. While she was a student in medical school she co-founded an organization that connected the African Diaspora students at the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba. The student led group facilitated successful events bringing together the various countries of the Diaspora that are represented at the school. She is responsible for assisting ADA in organizing educational programs in Havana.