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Connecting. Reunifying. Healing.


The ADA Mission.

The mission of The African Diaspora Alliance (ADA) is to holistically connect descendants of Africa to the global African community, known as the African Diaspora. The African Diaspora Alliance serves as a facilitator through a variety of diverse programs.

Through our organization we seek to educate, encourage unity, and promote solidarity throughout the African Diaspora. Across all borders, through the services offered by ADA the diaspora is demystified and the mutual "exoticization" of the foreign ‘other’ is replaced with understanding and connectedness. Use this page to describe your company's mission and goals.


“…unlearning the fallacies taught about black history, and better understanding ourselves.”

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Meet the Team

The African Diaspora Alliance was founded by two Baltimore activists who experienced first hand the absence of African Diaspora history in public and private school curriculums and opportunities for black youth to study abroad. As a solution to these disparities, The African Diaspora Alliance was created to help enlighten, expose, and engage individuals with the diversity and beauty of the African Diaspora. The Youth of The Diaspora Program is one of many initiatives the organization has created to better connect the African Diaspora.


Interested in joining the ADA team?

If you’re passionate about what we do and looking for some great volunteer experiences, check out our open positions on our opportunities page.